Becker Global-Ameria has an extensive line of electrical products for surface and underground applications. From lighting and camera systems, electrical power-distribution equipment and controls, Becker Global-America will provide an optimal solution specifically suited to your control needs. We offier:

Electrical Apparatus


  • Power Substations
  • Power Centers
  • AC Switchgear
  • Power Capacitors and Controls
  • Reactors
  • Harmonic Filter Assemblies
  • Motor Controls
  • Rectifiers
  • Specialty Transformers
  • Cable Connectors
  • Ground Monitors
  • Ground-Fault Relays
  • Switches and Connection Boxes
  • Light Enclosures
  • Head Lights
  • Area Lights
  • Camera Systems

AC Switchgear

Belt Rip Detection & Monitor Systems

Camera Systems

Ground Monitors

LV Cable Connectors

Motor Controllers

Power Centers

Power Substations