Peace of mind for the safety of your workers


The Network Camera ME 9200 is used for the monitoring of plant and machinery at critical working places and is suitable for application in exploseive areas.


Application field is the monitoring of excavated material at hand-over points of conveyor belts, as well as, monitoring of man haulage at the entrance and eyit points.



  • TCP/IP-network-compatible via LWL-data interface
  • High-quality picture recording-system
  • Robust flameproof cabinet
  • Automatic iris, blacklight compensation and automatic white fader
  • Configurable alarm-control
  • Mechanically adjustable (horizontal/vertical)


In opposition to an analogue video surveillance system, which uses a point-to-point connection, the IP-surveillance uses IP-network technology for data transmission. The network-compatible video system is bidirectional. The network camera is able not only to send the picture signal but also to receive control signals. It actuates e.g. doors or triggers an alarm.


Additional Features

  • Worldwide acces via internet, as well as the high image quality of the picture recording system
  • Progressive scan-technology makes the Network Cmera optimally suitable for the surveillance of moving pictures
  • Flexibility through network functions
  • Controlled by the IP-network


In case of an occuring event the video recording can be started by the configurable alarm-control. Because of the network function the Networl Camera can be useed optimally as security monitoring system.



Video management-software included:

  • IP CamLocator for start-up
  • IP CamSecure for security settings