Peace of mind for the safety of your workers

Becker Global-America’s Ground Wire Monitor and Ground Fault Relay provide peace of mind for the safety of your workers. For use in low, medium and high voltage situations, our products are reliable and provide superior protection to both personnel and electronics.


Impedance Type Monitors

These devices, such as our 6314 or D-4000, monitor changes in ground wire resistance, tripping the circuit breaker if resistance increases to an unacceptable level. This interrupts power to the machinery by removing voltage from the trailing cable. They are MSHA approved and provide assurance of safely grounded electrical equipmentand protection of personnel.


Continuity Type Monitors

Devices, such as our 6314, C54, or C-3013, monitor for an open in the ground or the pilot wire and trip the circuit breaker if detected. This interrupts power to the machinery, providing for safely grounded electrical equipment and personnel protection. They are MSHA approved.


High Voltage Ground Monitor

This impedance type monitor used on high voltage systems detects changes in ground resistance, tripping the circuit breaker at unacceptable level. Provides assurance of safety grounded electrical equipment and protects personnel. This compact front panel mounting unit is easy to install and maintain. The constant voltage transformer stabilizes operation through voltage dips of 35 percent. The polarity reversal switch enables the user to keep the source current and induced current in-phase thus reducing nuisance tripping. The trip indicator serves two functions: shows monitor has tripped breaker and has optional lock-out function which prevents operation until “Reset”. (If desired).


Draw-out Ground Monitor

Becker has redefined the mining market by developing a new drawout ground monitor. The new C54 drawout Ground Monitor is for low-medium voltage circuits to monitor continuously the grounding circuit to assure ground wire continuity. This provides safety for workers and protects equipment.