Rugged and trouble-free


Becker’s low voltage connectors are rugged, trouble free devices providing quick, confident connect/disconnect advantages to AC or DC line or switchgear from portable mining equipment to self-propelled machinery. They are available from 225 Amperes to 800 Amperes up to 1000 VAC and 600 VDC. Cable sizes range from #8 to 500 MCM.


Features Include:

  • Universal grommet and cable clamp
  • Single-piece, high grade reinforced insulator
  • Pad lockable plug
  • Aluminum housings with integral cable grommet provide a dust-tight environment forcible termination insuring the life of the cable and connector
  • All live exposed parts are completely enclosed by the metal housing
  • Captive dust covers standard on gear mounted receptacle
  • Minimum effort required to connect or disconnect electrical connections. Dual latching for added safety
  • Self wiping contacts insure good electrical connections after each operation
  • Both dust tight an Bureau of Mines construction on gear mounted units allow BGA to solve all of your connector needs
  • Removable ground strap allows flexibility in complying with Federal and State of PA monitoring requirements


Options Include:

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  • Case ground - internal or external
  • Detachable dust covers