Protects workers and equipment, for maximum production

When industrial processes go down profitability losses are enormous. We recognize that up-front engineering decisions, along with continuous monitoring and predictive analysis ensures greater system reliability.

Equipment is custom built to the most challenging of specifications, tailored specially to customer’s needs and requirements. In addition to new equipment, Becker Global-America understands that funding for capital equipment may have barriers due to the ever changing economy. In this case, we are able to offer customers the option of rebuilding and/or modifying their existing equipment at substantial cost savings, without sacrificing functionality, safety, and integrity to their operations.



Designed for the protection of equipment in an outdoor or harsh environment. Applications include general industrial locations, mines, quarries, waste water treatment and many others. Nothing is more valuable than field-proven, hands-on experience. Becker offers design experience earned while working with some of he most demanding customer specifications:

  • Generation of electricity - mining, power plants, oil, gas, solar, wind, tunneling
  • Power and Communication Distribution



  • Custom Engineered and designed per specification while working with you
  • Komogeneous communication structuers
  • Transmission and transformation
  • Substation interconnection and automation
  • Up to 230kva and 50MVA
  • Air and Vacuum Circuit Breakers
  • Relay Control Panels



Becker Global-America will build the centers to any degree of completion that you desire:

  • We will build the empty enclosure, ready for you to install your equipment.
  • We will install your equipment or custom build it to your specifications and install it.

Please call us for more details on our capability.


Design Standards

National Electric Manufacturers Association (NEMA)

American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)

American Welding Society (AISC)

National Electric Code (NEC) (NFPA)

Uniform Building Code (UBC)

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

Industrialized Building Commission (IBC) - IBC Certification upon Request



BGA Equipment centers are constructed with:

  • Welded structural steel base
  • Anti-skid floor to meet your requirements
  • 14 gauge galvannealed steel interlocking self farming wall and roof panels
  • Doors to be fitted per your design requirements for personnel an equiment
  • Removable lifting lugs