Robust and reliable power for 24\7 trouble-free performance

At Becker-Global, we know that transformer needs vary from company to company. That’s why we offer years of experience and expert knowledge to design exactly what you need for seamless and reliable dry-type transformers. Whether it’s drive duty, rectifier duty or traction duty, we have the dry-type transformer solution for you.


Features Include:

  • Robust reliable power for 24/7 trouble-free performance
  • Low power loss and low noise nits are available
  • High efficieny units with low operation temperatures
  • Designed to withstand electrical impulses and thermal overloads unique to rectifier and traction power applications
  • Advanced manufacturing techniques ensure cost effectiveness and reliability
  • Designed to meet specific harmonic spectrum requirements of each application and system
  • K-factor rated when required
  • Dry-Type Product Range: up to 10 mVA, primary voltages up to 35kV, secondary voltages up to 15kV
  • Multi-pulse units available for 6, 12, 18 pulse applications

We understand exactly what it takes to custom build low-to-high profile transformers with the appropriate low loss design, coil construction, environmental protection, testing, faraday shielding, and K-factor requirements while providing a market competitive price with superior quality you expect to see from Becker Global-America.


Additional Features:

  • 220 or 180 degrees C insulation systems available
  • Superior short circuit withstand performance
  • Electrostatic Shield between primary and secondary
  • High efficiency units with low operating temperatures available
  • Design for customer specified environment and altitude
  • Design for customer specified load profile
  • Designed and tested per ANSI/IEEE C57
  • Copper and/or aluminum windings available
  • Variable frequency drive applications
  • 360 Degree coil ducting to minimize hot spots
  • Foil wound, layer wound, disk wound Duratrans® coil construction are available
  • Miter cut core