The New Standard for America`s Toughest Industries


Traditional manufacturers use out of date winding techniques and technology for the most critical power delivering part of your equipment. Becker Global-America has developed cutting edge technology with it’s latest patented innovation called DURATRANS®


The DURATRANS® Transformer invention is intended to address the challenges of harsh environments. These challenges are met by producing a wound transformer coil which results in a mechanically robust construction preventing winding displacement and sealing out all environmental contaminants.


The technology utilized to produce the industry leading, patent pending, transformer design.


Proven Harsh Environment (HET) is a proprietary process which seals out contaminants and builds superior strength to the transformer.


Coil Distortion Prevention (CDP) technology prevents outward coil distortion via a specifically reinforced material on the outside layer.


Corrugated Duct Technology (CDT) promotes more air flow and transformer efficiency.


OVAL Technology provides superior short circuit strength.